"Does this look like the face of mercy to you?"


Waluigi Scapelli, Annoying Dick Waluigi, and/or the King of Anarachy can be said to be Ryan's alter ego in the Mario universe. He made his first appearance during the BSC Mario Party 4 let's play. Known for his odd habbits, strange innuendos, scary backstory, and of course just being a weird dude. He sees very highly of himself and thinks others are always beneath him. He makes it his duty to ruin the life of everyone around him. Especially his rival Luigi, whom he sees as a wannabe. It should be noted that Waluigi has never lost a Mario Party, only increasing his said ego. However, despite what he has said, he does see Luigi, Yoshi, and for some reason Daisy his close friends. Waluigi Scapelli is one of, if not the most infamous characters in Brainscratch history.

But the real question is: Do we care?

Appears in:

Mario party 3

Mario party 4

Mario Kart 8

Smash brothers 3DS livestream

Fortune Street