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The Great Clement (picture by CWandArts1999)

ClementJ642, also referred to as "The Great Clement" or his real name "Jamie Clement" (Individual YouTube Channel: ClementJ642), is a guest commentator on BrainScratchComms with a Let's Play channel of his own, focused mainly on the Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is perhaps known for his undying love and devotion to Doctor Eggman, as well as dedicating himself to playing every Sonic game for his channel.

Debuting as a guest in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, he's been said to have boosted the BrainScratch's popularity because of it. Out of all the guest commentators, Clement has appeared in the most commentaries. He also shares a friendly rivalry with Johnny because of a time period where they constantly beat each other's records in the 30 second trial challenges of City Escape Act 1 in Sonic Generations. Clement then went on to beat all of Johnny's other records in the game to make up for it.

Commentary AppearancesEdit